Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"History of the Slave South" online course

I am taking an online course "History of the Slave South" to supplement and increase my knowledge on the subject.  Also to connect to my ancestral families.

The first homework question is :   This week you have studied the wide-ranging history of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.  Given the massive scale of the trade, its impact was surely felt in many parts of the world.
Investigate your local area.  How was your nation or region shaped by the slave trade?

Major coastal regions from which captives were taken from Africa, all years

According to my DNA results, from both and 23andMe, my original region/nations are those that were covered in the initial lectures and shown on the map above.

I know I am supposed to look at the question objectively, but I can't  --  I am a genealogist desperately trying to piece together my family that was torn apart due to the slave trade.  I am in the United States because of the slave trade.  I am a Northerner because of the slave trade.   I am second generation Northerner.  All my grandparents were born and raised in the South  --  they came North during the first Great Migration.  Many of their siblings also came North during that time.  For the most part the men worked in the factories and the women worked as domestics or day workers.

My Mississippi families followed the migration route into Chicago and Ohio.  My Georgia families strayed from the migration route of Georgians and ended up in Detroit.

                       from Google images

So my dilemma in answering the question is what region/nation do I embrace?   I embrace them all  -- every place my family walked, laid their heads, reproduced, and died.


  1. Sandra...just the other day, I said that I want to study the slave trade routes...thanks for providing the maps!!!

    1. Delores, take a look at the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade database for more illustrations of the routes from Africa to the Americas & islands.

  2. I have signed up for the class as well, trying to get busy this weekend. I think it is awesome and will definitely aid in your research. Great post!!

  3. Thanks. The topics & readings seem interesting -- I'm looking forward.