Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dad's family identified in picture

I posted my Dad's picture on Facebook yesterday (yesterday's blog also) and now I have names to everyone in the picture  -- Uncle Joseph Burkette, Great-grandmother Mary Button, Uncle Louis Burkette, Uncle Flipper Burkette, Aunt Christia Burkette "Aunt Peaches" and my Dad.

I also had very positive responses to my mother's class picture  --  one of the women in the picture, Julia Bush,  is a FB friend and she was so happy to share the picture with her family.

Yes, social media can be a wonderful thing!

On top of that, today my Mom gave me two suitcases of miscellaneous pictures to go through.  I'm going to have a scanning good time (in my James Brown "Gonna have a funky good time" voice)!

Dad & Mom once upon a time

Yesterday while at my Mom's the ancestors tapped & poked & led me to a box of photos.  While I was going through them my youngest brother came through and I pulled out some, playing the "remember this" game.  Some pictures provided memories of an event, some were memories of the picture or a reflection of a family member who is now an ancestor.

I am becoming a blogger to document my ancestors journey as I answer / recognize their pokes, prods and revelations.

I don't remember ever seeing this picture before.  My Dad, Willis B. Williams, is in uniform with his sister, Christina Burkette aka Aunt Peaches.  From other pictures I've seen I believe the two men behind my Dad are his brothers and the older woman is their grandmother.  At his point in his life my Dad lived in Buffalo NY but he was from Detroit MI, so I'm guessing he was on leave in Detroit.

My mother, Evelyn O. Brown (2nd from left, seated) in a school club photo from Frosdick Masten High School, Buffalo NY.  She has maintained friendships with Julia Bush (Bolden), (1st left, seated), Brontie Blenman (center seated) and Harriet (far right, seated.)

I have always loved this picture; in it I see innocence, hope for the future, and friendship.